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Wingshooting Argentina

Yes, of course, people are right: Argentina is one of the main destinations for dove hunting in large quantities since this kind of bird is considered a plague. This is the reason why there are no limits for hunting and of course, for doing wing shooting in argentina.

TGB Outfitters is one of the best organization for hunters because we gather a crew of hunters and anglers which believe in the importance of conservationism and ethics. We have a lot of experience with hunters for all over the world.

For example, we offer some options for Wingshooting argentina:

La Pampa offers a great area with abundant sunflower plantation with thousands of pigeons flying over the area. And this context is ideal because hunters have an exclusively field and all the amenities and offer our assistance throughout the hunt.

In Cordoba province: One of the best places in the world for this kind of hunting. Cordoba, wich is situated in the middle of the country, has a population of more than 50,000,000 pigeons. Do you know that more than 1 million birds fly daily over his head? Yes! And many customers agree that the days where they saw the most pigeons in their life was the days they did hunting in Cordoba.

Santiago del Estero Province, is a northern province located at 1.50 hour flight from Buenos Aires. This place is plenty of birds! You discover the best place here. Of course, you can choose others regions of Argentina like Patagonia or Buenos Aires and so on.


The accommodation in our lodge, is very close to the shooting area, and is absolutely comfortable. For example, we provide air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms, all amenities, maid service and laundry, fully stocked open bar, cigar bar, TV. Gourmet meals, including Argentina and international dishes and first class wine.

Hearty breakfasts, lunch usually based on meat, hearty dinners and drinks of your choice, including soft drinks, high quality wines among others. Special diets are prepared to order.

Wing shooting argentina, equipment

If you need to know more about wingshooting argentina, just remember that you should bring brown, black or green clothing. It is a great idea wearing hat and shoes or boots that cover the ankles, a bag for cartridges, goggles, gloves for shooting, hearing protection and materials for cleaning weapons.

About recommended weapons, as you probably know, the size depends on the preferences of the hunter, although it is recommendable to use caliber 16 or half load. TGB Outfitters is an organization dedicated to the dissemination and practice of wingshooting in Argentina, which is one of the best places of the world for the development of this sport.

We guarantee an unforgettable experience by staying at first class establishments with great guides. Of course, we speak English as well as Portuguese. Remember that we offer permanent services of guides and specially equipped vehicles advice.

If you talk with hunters who traveled with us, the can let you know that TGB Outfitters offers a unique program in Latin America, because we are professional hunters and we know everything about wingshooting in Argentina as well as pigeons and doves.

With us, hunters have the option to enjoy this bird paradise and spend an unforgettable trip. Please, contact us to learn all the details about our trip. We offer several options and we are sure you can find the best proposal for you. Please, write us an e-mail or call us.

Please, note that you have to organize the trip in advance because of the Argentinean season, temperature and so on. We recommend you to ask all the questions about this South American country, the variety of fauna and the wing shooting you expect to do. If you browse on the web you can find a lot of information, although it is best if you contact us because we are experts.

We are here to help you and provide you all the information you need to take advantage of the next happier days of you entire life!.

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