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Water Buffalo

Although it is well known that water buffalo is a large animal originating in China and South Asia, however, South America is one of the regions of the world where this mammal is most prolific.

On the other hand, although Australia is positioned globally as the leading destination for those looking behind the water buffalo hunt, the fact is that Argentina will play closely. In fact, water buffalo hunting in Argentina is an increasingly common practice. So hunters from around the world flock to this beautiful country in South America to enjoy the highest level of respect when we talk about water buffalo hunt.

We know all about argentina water buffalo hunting because we have more than 20 years in this activity. Ask for us. We are TGB Outfitters, and we are experts about water buffalo.

Argentina Water Buffalo Hunting

TGB Outfitters offers first class accommodations with the meals included in our tours so our guest only have to worry about how many water buffalo they are going to hunt. We provide private and confortable cabins in places where we know there are Water Buffalo in very plentiful numbers.

During your stay in Argentina, you can enjoy wonderful views, met people interested in hunting all kind of animals, special water buffalos, and live unique days of your life. In order to offer the most completely proposal, TGB Outfitters provide quality firearms in a number of calibres. Of course, you can bring your weapon if you wish.

If you are interesting to join the next hunting tour, please, contact us, because we know the best months to come here for hunting.

Water Buffalo Hunt

We are proud to announce that in our staff there are master guides who work hard to provide the best information and suggestions to our clients. This is the reason why each hunter who came to our tour has the opportunities of success. Out staff speak English as well as Spanish, and they are also great hunters.

In addition, we offer a very customized proposal. That is the reason why we need to chat with the hunter before he comes to our lands. During the conversation with our guide and host, we identify which camps, options, hunting duration and locations that will work best. Remember that we have a very complex infrastructure, so we can choose the best for each case.

As well as we have very confortable lodge, we also have 4×4 trucks, and all the stuff you will need to enjoy the water buffalo hunt. Of course you want to hunt a water buffalo, but in our areas you can also met wonderful birds, and little mammals.

Contact us! Don´t miss the chance to come to Argentina. The best place in all Latin America for this kind of sport. Just let us know: Argentina water buffalo hunting and TGB Outfitters is the smarter options for a safe and great tour.

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