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Red Stag Hunting in Argentina

There is no doubt: Argentina is one of the most popular destinations in the world for hunting some kind of animals like the puma, the wild boar and the red stag.

Historically, the country has been characterized as being very safe for travelers and tourists from all over the world, since their crime rate is very low considering the values of other areas where red stag hunting is practiced (like some african coutries). For this reason and many others, red stag hunting in Patagonia Argentina is a classic in the world. That’s why we receive every day from novice to experienced hunters seeking a unique and unforgettable experience.

Argentina is a country that has no problem to bring in weapons. Thus, red stag hunting in Argentina is a very popular activity. In fact, TGB welcomes and organizes tours for European, Americans and Asian people. TGB hunters provides you all the necessary to submit to the Customs Office and the office of the International Police upon arrival at the Airport. The processing is quick and it only takes a few minutes.

Upon arriving to Argentina you will understand that this place is a heaven for red stag hunting. We have good hills, mountains and fields with large areas and all the comforts to make your trip a mix of adventure and comfort, where nature is the protagonist.

Argentina Red Stag Hunting Outfitters

There are several free zones where stag hunting in Argentina is a classic activity. So many hunters know about red stag hunting in Patagonia Argentina, since in the context of mountain you can hunt on foot or horseback. Elsewhere, as in La Pampa province, hunters use on 4x4 vehicles. Remember that the ideal season is from March to May. Please note this period of time if you choose Argentina for red stag hunting.

Argentina Red Stag Hunt

The red stang exist in Argentina for 100 years or more. During that time, this animal was reproduced and expanded with the finished samples of genetic plasticity and adaptability in some provinces of Argentina, specially, the southern of the country. Therefore, red stag hunt is a practice that attracts many travelers even from distant countries.

There are several animals that, for their beauty or personality have become very attractive to men and also some women. The red stang is one of them. Especially red stag hunting in Patagonia Argentina is something that no hunter wants to miss doing at least once in their life, and TGB work to make this experience awesome and perfect.

If you love hunting and you feel the passion of this activity, you cannot avoid to try visit our country. Argentina hunting red stag is a wonder that anyone will appreciate. In TGB we guarantee excellence, comfort, safety and a unique environment of camaraderie.

If still in doubt, refer to the hunters who know the subject. Argentina is known worldwide for the amount of red stag available inhabiting open fields. Argentina red stag hunting has a synonym, and we are talking about us: TBG. Please contact us. We are here to advise, guide and assist you in this tour of the Argentine soil in search of the best species of stag network.

Remember: TGB organizes the best trips of red stang hunting in Argentina at rural areas of the provinces of La Pampa and Patagonia. We also have a team of professionals to guide you throughout your journey across our great country.

As a legal company, we offer legal hunting activities and we assist our clients in obtaining permits and licenses with the laws in Argentina. In our wonderful country you can experience a unique output red stang hunting. Contact us. We are here to serve you!

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