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Pigeon Hunting in Argentina

Argentina is one of the highlights for those who are attracted to the dove hunting at international destinations. In Argentina, this animal is regarded as a pest, and therefore there are no stops to hunt these birds. This has turned the pigeon hunting in Argentina into an activity that attracts fans from different parts of the world.

The rural areas of the Pampa Húmeda, and the hills and fields of the province of Córdoba are privileged sites for the development of this activity. In particular, it is estimated that in Córdoba –a mediterranean province of Argentina– there are 50 million pigeons; bringing an impressive number of doves and pigeons flying over the skies of this area of countryside and mountains. That´s why the pigeon hunting in Cordoba Argentina has won fame among fans of this type of trips.

Also, La Pampa is highlighted as an ideal place for pigeon hunting in Argentina, since there are many fields of sunflowers and other crops, which are flown every day by countless pigeons.

In Argentina, both doves and pigeons may be hunted without restriction between January and December. TGB organizes trips of dove and pigeon hunting in Argentina at rural areas of the provinces of La Pampa, Buenos Aires and Entre Ríos. Our proposal includes the organization of the trip and the provision of the necessary resources for our clients before their arrival, during their stay, and after the hunting experience. We also offer very attractive tourist activities beyond hunting trips.

Argentina Pigeon Hunting

The particularity of the doves and pigeon hunting in Argentina is that these birds fly at the height and speed preferred by shooters, which makes a world of a difference from other sites. The reason why the pigeons and doves have been listed as pest is that they produce significant damage to crops - many times they devastate crops and the pasture grass– in the fields of Argentina. The excessive development of the populations of pigeons has to do with the existence of very good shelters in the mountain areas, and the proximity of cultivated fields from where these birds get their food.

The larger “monteras” doves fly at a height of about 30 meters and its speed is ideal for hunters. On the other hand, the mourning dove has a medium size, is faster and its hunting is more challenging for shooters because even when in Argentina there are a great amount of this birds, pigeon hunting activity requires greater precision.

For pigeon hunting in Argentina is often recommended the use of arms 16 gauge or higher; and it is suggested to use medium load.

Dove and Pigeon Hunting in Argentina

Before each hunting trip, the crew of TGB analyze the movements of birds so as to bring hunters to the full potential sites, so that our customers are satisfied with their experience of dove and pigeon hunting in Argentina. In our fields, it is possible to make 1000 shots per person per day, it is this intense hunting that excite the most experienced hunters. Moreover, as the pigeon hunting season in Argentina extends throughout all seasons, you can choose any time of the year.

In addition to hunting, during the trips, our clients will enjoy exquisite argentinean “asado” (barbecue). So, with our proposal, they enjoy a pleasant stay, intensive hunting and world class accommodation as the outputs of dove and pigeon hunting in Argentina.

The hunting activities organized by TGB are guided by a very well prepaired crew that include specialized assistants and bird boys. Every client is provided with all the equipment needed (callers, blinds, decoys, radios, etc.), and will receive the help of the members of our team so as to enjoy a wonderful pigeon hunting experience in Argentina. Note, however, that the cost of the rental gun is not included in our proposal, nor the cost of ammunition.

From TGB, we only offer legal hunting activities and assist our clients in obtaining licenses and permits in full compliance with the laws in Argentina. In Argentina, it is possible to experience a unique pigeon hunting experience. Contact us!

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