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Perdiz Hunting in Argentina

As you know, the bird called “perdiz” is a very strange animal. It is found in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. Anyway, the best place for hunting perdiz is Argentina, because the little bird lives in grasslands, savannahs, grasslands and crops high in flood zones.

In TGB we are experts about perdiz, that is the reason why hunters choose us. For example, we explain to our clients that we are talking about a surly and solitary a bird, and argentina perdiz hunting is not easy because the animal runs away very fast and straight. It feeds on bulbs, grains, sprouts, grubs, small rodents and lizards as well. Over two females can lay eggs in the same nest, and these are incubated by the male for 19 to 21 days.

The alterations of habitat, over-hunting and spraying with agrochemicals have reduced much of the population, thats why Argentina perdiz hunt can be done just a few days during the year.

In TGB, we work with hunters of many countries and we provide information about hunting but also our history and tradition. For example, Argentina is one of the biggest countries of Latin America, and here you can find big mountains, hills, lagoon, small town a huge cities. Our capital city is Buenos Aires, but the perdiz live in the coutryside where we have all the infrastructure to offer confort , relax and thousands of perdices

Argentina Perdiz Hunt

Remember that the perdiz can be hunted just in a specific season. So, do not hesitate to contact us. We assist our clients in this amazing trip. As a recommendation, try to contact us in advanced because not everybody can come here to hunt perdiz.

In Argentina, dove and pigeon are considered a pest, so hunters can shoot them during all the year. With the perdiz, the situation is quite different, so do not believe in people who do not explain this situation.

As you can see, we are expert and we have a team of professionals that are always talking about this bird that reaches a length of 45 cm. If you have never seen one before, you can notice that its back is barred color, flight feathers are reddish brown and prominent during the flight. It features black crown and eye line. About its “life-style”, singing happens in spring and summer. In this season the bird sings most of the day even at night, in other seasons is silent.

More doubts? Just write us en e-mail or call us! We also cook perdiz so you can taste this delicious meat! Women and men are welcome in our groups! We guarantee that large volumes of this species can be found in our fields. Of course, the most abundant is the common perdiz, with a fast and elegant flight.

Remember that we take care of you before, during and after the trip. In Adittion, you will know about Argentinean traditions and culture. Do not miss the opportunity to live special days in our fields with our trained dogs and with another people like you.

Travel with TGB is an unforgettable experience. Hunting is, for us, the perfect excuse for enjoying life!

Safari Club International
& Dallas Safari Club
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