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Argentina Goose Hunting

Argentina is a very intense country. Here, people come for tango dancing, to discover the colonial arquitecture, to visit museums and also it is a great country for practicing some sports as polo, tenis and hunting. ¿Here? Yes, in our big country you can find differents kind of bird including pigeons and goose. This is the reason why goose hunting in argentina is a tradition well known around the world.

People who are looking for goose hunting at sophisticated and international destinations find in Argentina the best place to go. In our fields, in La Pampa province, you can find thousands of this birds living in big areas.

If you are tired of a frustrating day and now you are looking for fun and an amazing adventure, just trust us: TGB is a company dedicated for hunting activities and we offer a magical expedition in this wonderful Latin American country. In TGB we organized the best goose hunting in argentina.

In the province of Buenos Aires, we have access to the best areas where you can practice goose hunting.

Since this activity in not permitted during all the year, please, ask us in advance so we can guide you and organize your hunting tour from july 1st to July 31st. Note that goose hunting in Argentina is a new activity it was banned for some years and it was reopen recently. Do not doubt to contact us for further information about Argentina and the best place for goose hunting. That is the reason why we are receiving so many e-mails from international hunters.

The Pampa Húmeda is the name of the Argentinian region where goose reproduce. In fact, this part of the country is considered one of the best of the world for hunting animals like pigeons, doves, ducks, turkeys, and -of course- goose. Consider that TBG operates a large number of fields including soybeans fields, rice and sorghum, and this kind of area are the best for this type of birds.

If you travel with TGB, you will never be alone, because we organize a perfect trip for goose hunting in Argentina. You will be always assisted by experts of our professional team. Please, do not forget that we have trained dogs for hunting goose.

As soon as you arrive to La Pampa, you can see that we are talking about the best place for goosehunting in Argentina, since there are many fields and the weather is perfect for practice this amazing sport. As experts in this kind of activity, our proposal includes the organization of the trips. In addition, we provide the necessary resources before your arrival. That’s one of the reason why during you days in Argentina, you will have a great experience hunting goose, and chatting with people from different countries who came here to have the same great experience.

Hunt Goose in Argentina

Hunting in Argentina is a unique experience because our fields are amazing. As experts, we recommend for goose hunting in this country the use of weapons 16 gauge or higher; but as you know, you can choose whatever you feel more comfortable with. Before the tour, the TGB team analyze the weather and the conducts of the birds so we guarantee that each hunter will hunt lots of goose.

In addition, please consider that hunting is not the only activity you can do with us. During this days in our country, our clients discover our traditional food and the argentinean “asado” (barbecue) and typical dance called “folklore”. So, be sure that your trip to South America will be an unforgettable experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Goose hunting in Argentina is an activity you must do if you are a real hunter.

The hunting activities that we organize as a professional company are very well prepared by our crew. TGB includes specialist assistants for our customers to enjoy this trip from arrival until they return to their homes. If you ask us, you will know that we offer our customers all the care they need in order to ensure the best experience.

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