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Dove Hunting in Argentina

As you know, Argentina is a country situated in South America. Besides this geographical situation, this country is one of the most popular destination for those who love high volume dove hunt (because in our fields you can see thousands of doves, pigeons and a lots of birds). In this country, this little bird is also considered a pest, that is the reason why there are no limits for hunting doves in Argentina. Of course you are also able to hunt ducks, partridges and all kind of birds, but there are no doubts that dove hunt in argentina is the best option.

Dove Hunting in Argentina, Cordoba

Argentina is a very big country. Of course, there are place with more doves. That is the reason why in Cordoba Argentina, dove hunting is well known all around the world. In this province called Cordoba, wich is situated just in the center of the country, there are 50 million doves. Yes! an impressive number of this little birds flying and living over the skies of this area of countryside and mountains. Cordoba argentina is the best place to practice this activity and enjoy with colleagues and friends.

Dove Hunting in Argentina, Outfitters

Remember that you are not alone in this dream, because TGB is the company who offers the best dove hunt packages in Argentina. In fact, we organizes trips of dove hunting in Argentina with special guides who work at rural areas of the provinces of Córdoba, Entre Rios, La Pampa and, of course, Buenos Aires. The proposal of our firm includes the organization of the trips and all the details, so, we are talking about the provision of the resources for our clients and hunters of all around the world. Our service includes the planning before, during and after the trip. As we are a company that offers a complete experience to our customers, we also provide tourist activities beyond hunting trips, for men and women.

Argentina Dove Hunting

Hunting in Argentina is not like doing it in other country. Because here, you can hunt pigeons and doves without any limit. This is because, here, this bird is considered like a pest. In fact, there are millions of pigeons in big cities like Buenos Aires, and also in the fields. Imagine how this birds produce damage to crops from northern to southern Argentina. For hunters, Argentina is a paradise because you can see pigeons and doves wherever you go, including mountains, hills and fields.

As you have read, in Argentina you can hunt the mourning dove, wich has a medium size. If you come here, you can experience that in Argentina there are thousands of this type of bird. Anyway, the dove hunting sport requires patience and precision. Talking about dove hunting in Argentina, and thinking about TGB as experts, we recommend the use of arms 16 gauge or higher. Of course, we will let you know more tricks about dove hunting in Cordoba.

Dove Hunting Argentina Outfitters

Our clients are never alone. In fact, we have a team who analyze the weather and the movements of the doves so as to bring hunters in the adventure of hunting. Just ask about TGB and the complete service that we offer. Dove hunting in Argentina it is a pleasure for us. We have clients that came with us years after years because they are big fans of our services. Do not forget that the dove hunting season in our country extends throughout all seasons, you can choose your favorite month.

In addition to hunting, during the trips, our clients will enjoy exquisite argentinean “asado” (barbecue). So, with our proposal they enjoy a pleasant stay, intensive hunting and world class accommodation at the outputs of dove and pigeon hunting in Argentina.

But we are not all day thinking about hunting doves!, TGB organizes for our hunters the most complete activity during the days in Argentina. For example, our crew includes bird boys, bilingual assistants and trained dogs. And the trip is not only about hunting doves in Cordoba because we also offer typical asado (called barbecue in USA) and others activities.

From our company you can be sure that TGB offer only legal hunting activities. Do not miss the chance to live an unforgettable experience in Argentina. Argentina dove hunting trips is the beginning to some exciting days. Contact us!.

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