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Big Game Hunting in argentina

The south American country of Argentina is well known as a nation with plenty of nature. In fact, here you can find different geographies and climates. This is the reason why you can find so many ways to have fun with outdoor activities, including big game hunting in argentina.

If you look at a map of the country, you can see that from the scrublands of La Pampa province to the mountains of Patagonia country, crossing the plains of Buenos Aires province, Argentina is a great place for hunters because the variety of exotic and native fauna. Yes, from birds to mammals, this south American country is one of the most recognized fishing and hunting destinations around the world.

In this context, in TGB Outfitters we are proud to say that our staff of professionals stays at the disposition of the hunters who join us in order to guarantee an amazing adventure in this latin American lands.

Hunting in argentina, Big Game

Surely you have heard about us, established several years ago by professional hunters, TGB Outfitters is one of the leading organizations in selling and organizing hunting trips in Argentina. Yes, in our field hunters can find a variety of ducks, pigeons, doves and, of course, big game argentina including Red Stag, fallow deer, axis deer, puma, water buffalo and much more.

As you may know, there is an open season for big game argentina. So, if you are interesting about coming to this country to live the most amazing days of your life, please, contact us because we can provide all the information you need to take advantage of your next trip to South America.

Big Game Argentina

As you already know, because our company is well known around the world, we offer the best adventure trip in the southern cone.

If you want to come here to enjoy Big Game Argentina, just let us know because we can provide you a lot of useful information. Remember that our service include, for example, personalized outfitter services provided by high level guide-man; tour wheel drive vehicles and all daily meals and quality Argentinean wines. Of course, there are English translation services as well as Portuguese, because a lot of Brazilian people enjoy hunting with us.

Besides, we offer skinning and first trophy preparation, first class accommodations because we want to you to be here as comfortable as at your home. This is the reason why we can also provide non alcoholic drink, maid service and laundry. Please, do not worry about a thing because we guarantee land transportation in all the hunting area.

Please, come with us to enjoy big game argentina! It is the best adventure you can take in your life because here you can find more than 16 big game species. TGB Outfitters provides wonderful ranches and a great team.


Probably you have heard about us because we have been working hard with hunters from several years ago. In fact, TGB Outfitters is one of most popular hunting organization around the world.

What hunters said after the trip? Just great words!. Everybody agree that big hunting in Argentina is great, and people can experience a world class hunting activity in huge areas plenty of animals. And there are more: as you organize hunters group, people became friend and met another hunters. You absolutely will make new friends here and you will learn a lot about big game hunting.

There are no reasons why not to visit Argentina. This is the country of tango, football players and wine, but also the country of big game hunting!. For more information about our proposal, please, contact us. You can visit our website or e-mail us. Of course you can also call by phone. We are glad to help you.

As experts, we are going to give you the best tips on traveling with big animals. We also provide all the information about hunting regulations. Here, with us, you can learn a lot and take the best picture and video of you hunting time. It is a pleasure for us to introduce you to a region as Argentina where you can discover wilderness region.

Remember: Flights from the USA, Europe and Latin America will arrive into Buenos Aires easily, and we can arrange to pick you up at the airport. Big Hunting in Argentina is something that every hunter must do at least once in his lifetime, and TGB Outfitters is the best partner to choose in Latin America. Join us!

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